With extensive backgrounds and industry knowledge, the Crystal Partners Global team is young and dynamic, and understands the value of inculcating a hands-on approach.

Our highly skilled team of Partners bring forth innovative ideas, disruptive business strategies, and an array of expertise across various sectors. This skillset is necessary for fostering and maintaining strong partnerships, providing sustainable value creation, and promoting the growth of industries across the globe.


As the Chief Executive Officer of Crystal Partners Global, Tasmin is an exuberant, meticulous, and multifaceted professional with a drive for high results, She brings a fresh perspective to the table and thrives on meeting and exceeding new challenges. Dynamic, innovative, and detail-orientated, she has an invaluable hands-on approach to leading a team and believes that collaboration is the key to success. Utilising her extensive experience in Business Management, Strategic Partnerships, Operations, and International Stakeholder Relations, her knowledge has been pivotal in ensuring growth within the business.


As the Chief Growth Officer of Crystal Partners Global, Wandi is dedicated to cultivating cross-border partnerships that make meaningful contributions to the business landscape in Africa and the global community. Wandi’s experience spans across curating and executing business growth strategies, business development, and championing international relations initiatives that drive sustainable expansion. Committed to shaping the future of the organization with innovative and impactful strategies, she is a Business Growth Strategist in the rising circle of inspiring and influential female leaders.

CPG Lead Partner

BCom Accounting graduate from the University of Johannesburg, and currently a Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) candidate.

His passion lies in Strategic Management and Financial Data Analytics. With skills in Accounting, Finance, and Data Capturing, he serves as a Lead Partner at Crystal Partners Global, specializing in establishing strategic investments and partnerships in the United Kingdom region.

Possessing a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, coupled with Project Management experience, Eric embodies the spirit of teamwork, discipline, and collaboration. Through his participation in transformative programmes such as The McKinsey Forward Program, he values continuous learning and personal development as essential components of professional growth.

A dedicated entrepreneur with a profound passion for the economic development and transformation of the African continent. His entrepreneurial journey includes the founding of various tech start-ups, and organisations aimed at fostering youth entrepreneurship on the continent. As an impact-driven leader and entrepreneur, he is results-oriented and believes in the transformative power of effective leadership to positively impact economies, lives and nations. His multifaceted background positions him as a dynamic individual poised to contribute meaningfully to the intersection of business, policy, and leadership development to drive business and investment into the African continent.

A seasoned Business Development Specialist with an impressive track record of over 8 years, navigating both B2B and B2C landscapes across diverse organizations. With a comprehensive skillset that encompasses digital marketing, business development strategy, business process mapping, mining and automation, he stands as a true multi-disciplinary force in the industry. His expertise have not only opened doors to some of Africa’s major corporate players, but also placed him amongst brilliant minds, where he has consistently contributed value to their growth strategies. Drawing from a wealth of experience, he continues to forge new paths, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving business landscape.